Course details

1. Theoretical course

The theoretical course can be taught
    1. by online program
    2. at the Driving School individually (Bázis Office Center, 1024 Budapest, Horváth u. 14-24. 4th floor)

The online program is available for 180 days and contains 75 hours study time.

2. Driving practice

You can meet your teacher at

  1. 1112. Budapest, Budaörsi út 227. (close to Metro 4, Kelenföld)
  2. Budagyöngye 1026. Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121.
  3. Easily available place near Margit híd – Árpád híd, Buda side
  4. Budakeszi, Dózsa György tér (bus line 22 or 22A)

Alternatively, you can arrange to be picked up at a place of your choice, for this there is an extra charge. According to the Hungarian rules you must drive at least 30 lessons, including the practical exam. Extra lessons may be taken if necessary.

3. Examinations

Theoretical Exams (Highway Code & Technical Knowledge, First Aid)

Theoretical exams take place

  1. 1119. Petzvál József u. 39.
  2. 1195. Vas Gereben u. 2-4.

Driving Exams (Vehicle Handling & Driving in Traffic (category A), Driving in Traffic (category B)) 

Driving exams take place at the

  1. Driving Test Centre (1) 1112. Budapest, Budaörsi út 227. (Virágpiac)
  2. Driving Test Centre (2) 1033. Mozaik utca 5.

You must wait at least 1 week between the exams (except the First Aid exam).

You will need:

  • A medical certificate for category A/B to book the first exam. The school can arrange the doctor’s appointment for you.
  • When picking up your driving license you will need a residence permit, which has been valid for at least 6 months
  • Certificate proving, that you have min. elementary education (must bring it to the first exam)

Minimum amount of lessons:

Car Motorbike
B Moped A-1 A-1 If you
already have B
A/2 A
Theory 18 18 18 18 18 18
Practice 30 11 16 10 16 27
Min. age 17 16 16 17 18 24
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