• If you want to change your foreign license, the first step is to translate the original Driving License as an official translation.
  • Then you have to arrange a medical certificate for category “B” Driving License, and go to the Registration Office with these documents and show your residents permit (or the one year visas), your address card (or the white address registration card).
  • You must wait for some days for the “judgement document” (“határozat”) which will say what kind of exams it is required to take (generally “Highway Code” exam and “Driving in Traffic” exam for non EU countries).
  • After that our Driving School can book an exam appointment for you.

Address of the Translation Office : 1062. Bajza u. 52. Budapest
Address of the Registration Office: 1136. Visegrádi u. 110-112. Budapest


~ HUF 12 000
(depends on the language)
Fee for the “judgement document”
HUF 9 000
Online course
HUF 65 000
Registration fee
HUF 40 000
Two driving lessons
HUF 16 000
Exam fee for Theoretical exam
HUF 4 600
Exam fee for Driving exam
HUF 11 000
~HUF 157 600

The registration fee is refundable according to the driven amount of lessons. One lesson is HUF 8 000 until the 20th lesson. Minimum 2 lessons is obligatory

Until 20 lessons the registration fee is refundable so as the refundable sum is reduced HUF 1 000 after each driven lesson. If you drive more, than 20 lessons, the fee of the extra lesson is HUF 10 000.

Extra services

  1. Intensive course (driving at least 8 lessons a week): + HUF 1 500/lesson.
    The fee of extra lessons are the same as the normal lessons. After the 20th lesson each one is HUF 10 500.
  2. Driving outside working hours:
    1. On weekdays before 8.00 am or after 5.00 pm: + HUF 1 000/lesson.
      After 20th lesson each lesson is + HUF 2 000.
    2. Weekend driving: +1 500/lesson.
      After the 20th lesson each lesson is +HUF 2500.
  3. Driving on automatic car: + HUF 500/lesson.
    After the 20th lesson each lesson is + HUF 1 000.

For all students, who registered before 01.08.2022. the fees are the followings:

  • Normal course: HUF 9 000/lesson
  • Intensive course: HUF 10 500/lesson
  • Extra services:
    • Driving outside working hours ( before 8.00 or after 17.00 on weekdays): + HUF 1 000/lesson
    • Week-end driving: + HUF 1 500/lesson
    • Automatic car: + HUF 500/lesson
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