If you want to change your foreign license, the first step is to translate the original Driving License as an official translation.

Then you have to arrange a medical certificate for categorie”B” Driving Licence, and go to the Registration Office with theese documents and show your residents permit (or the one year visas), your address card (or the white address registration card).

You must wait for some days for the “judgement document” (határozat) which will say what kind of exams it is required to take (generally “Highway Code” exam and “Driving in Traffic” exam for non EU contries).

You need also 3 photographs 4x4cm.

After that our Driving School can book an exam appointement for you.


Translation ~ HUF 12 000
(depends on the language)
Fee for the “judgement document” HUF 9 000
Theory course in groups (1076 Budapest, Thököly út 18.) or online course (only category B) HUF 40 000
Driving session (100 minutes)(min.) HUF 13 000
(meeting point: 1112. Budapest, Budaörsi út 227.)
Exam fee for Theoretical exam HUF 4 600
Exam fee for Driving exam HUF 11 000
Highway Code hand-book HUF 5 000
(the book may be returned)
Total: ~HUF 94 600
Theoretical course individually at (1076 Budapest, Thököly út 18. + HUF 20 000
Theoretical course individually at your place + HUF 30 000
(the book may be returned)
Online theoretical course + HUF 5 000

Address of the Translation Office : 1062. Bajza u. 52. Budapest
Address of the Registration Office: 1136. Visegrádi u. 110-112. Budapest

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